it is all about modern theme of fabric and wallpaper decoration such as world map wall design, art wall design, graffiti style, vintage style, tropical style. it is good for bedroom wallpaper, living room wallpaper, kitchen wallpaper, restaurant decoration, hotel decoration, bathroom wallpaper.


Enhancing your vintage living home decoration with Vintage collection. Just one wall panel could reflect your living lifestyle easily...

World Map

World Map wallpaper helps making your room look outstanding. Fit to living room, head bed either hotel or home, working room, etcDecorate your room decoration with world map theme collection, it reflects your visionary and style.

Art Living

Make your room more fun and excite with extra-ordinary wallpaper & fabric for home decoration. Art living collection is designed to portray your unique lifestyle & is good for bedroom, living room, kitchen, restaurant decoration, hotel decoration, bathroom wallpaper.

Scenery Living

Creating personal scenery to your space with extra-ordinary wallpaper & roller blind for room decoration.It’s perfect for home decoration, office decoration, boutique hotel, coffee shop, restaurant and any place you want to add real scene to the place.

Tropical Living

Tropical living collection is all about tree, forest, green leaf and also wild animal theme decoration.It is good for home decoration, restaurant decoration, hotel and retail shop. Product can be printed both wallcoverings and fabrics.

Kids’ Living

Colorful your kids’ room with kid wallpaper & fabric decoration. It’s perfect for home decoration, kid product shops, hospital, clinic, nursery, play park area, kid’s school and any place you want to add fun character to the place.

Casual Living

Casual living collection is warm and light-hearted theme decoration. It is good for home decoration such as, bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.This collection offers pastel and sweet color scheme to enhance sweet & warm feeling.