What type of interior material can we print?



    Lifestyle and preference are solely subjected to each persona, thus, home decoration is something that truly reflect your unique personality and character.Custom printed wallcoverings helps reflect your style easily. We have 4000 designs available for you to pick and choose.



    Anti-mold and anti-baterial wallcoverings is good for bathroom, swimming pool, spa or any wet area that humid can be accumulated. This special material has microporous fibre and breathable structure.



    Special wallcoverings for bathroom decoration. It is breathable wallpaper which has qualification of anti-mold, anti-bacteria and easy to clean. Good for bathroom, swimming pool, spa as well as hospital, where they need special anti-bacteria function, yet unique design decoration at the same time.



    Custom printed roller blind to fit your theme interior decoration either for home, hotel, restaurant or office decoration.You can choose block out fabric or sun-guard fabric (23% solar transmission), both are 100% polyester.



    New innovation of custom printed acoustic fabric, which has sound absorption value up to 0.85. The honey comb surface structure fabric has acoustic properties itself. It can be printed any design to enhance your interior theme decoration, yet excellent function of sound absorption also.



    Custom printed lampshade fabric for your unique lighting decoration. It is printed on 100% polyester fabric which has qualification of fire retardant, water repellent and dirt repellent. So your lampshade will be easy to clean and maintenance, and get new look as always.

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Digital Printed for Interior Decoration



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Why does hotel operator love digital printed wallpaper?

How to decorate or renovate Thai Restaurant by your own?

How digital printed roller blind create new feeling to your place?

Tips & Tricks from Designer for how to select wallpaper?


Key strengths to help you get an extra ordinary decoration

Over 15 years experience of graphic designing skill, we fully understand what is good fit to interior decoration. Customers just share the theme or reference prefer, we can understand it right away. We can help design, artwork finishing and also provide relevant recommendation to get excellent works. We are keen on printing design on several types of surfaces, so we can work smoothly with interior designer. Our role is to help making customers’ dream become alive !!

We understand brand character, corporate identity and all elements about branding. Our management team has experienced in Advertising & Communication Brand Agency for 13 years, helped build up several world class reputation brands. We work smoothy with hotel chains and retail shop chains for interior decoration since we fully understand their brand stand point and be able to provide design solution to meet brand requirement and character.

The outstanding design & work of Bodhi Tree, is just shining in the world of interior printing industry. We gain highly support from world leading raw material manufacturers and machinery producers from Germany, Italy, Israel, England and USA. Therefore, you can fully confident that product we produce and deliver to you, are under supervision from world’s leading engineers & technicians. All products are design and produce in Thailand. It is exported to hotels, restaurants, retail shops, embassy and luxury residential more than 20 countries around the world since 2012.


Simple few steps to get an extra ordinary works

Customer can choose prefer theme from our available collections and let us know the product number. No worry about size and colour, we can recommend whether it is nice for your end usage or not. Each design need to be adjust to fit your wall/window/fabric size you need anyway.

If you have your own theme idea, you can share to us..so we can suggest how to make it or guide you to our collection where it is close to your theme’s dreams.

In some case, you need to draw up new artwork in order to make the file high quality enough to print, there will be additional art work development fee then.

If you have your own artwork design, you can provide us to do printing service only. However, artwork file should be high quality at actual print size you need.

Once you can select prefer design, you can provide us your size. For wallcoverings, it will be width and height in centimetre scale. For fabric, you can provide how many yards do you need or send us finished product..so can we help estimate how many yards you need.

Rough quoting can be provided via email or phone or whatapp or LINE app. Just let us know size and product you interest to.

Please also prepare name, address, company ID number (if any), email and local phone number for us to prepare official quotation to you.

Once the quotation is approved, we require 50% deposit prior to start working. We have several choices for your convenient

  • Bank Transfer : K Bank, Account Name : Bodhi Tree Decor Company Limited Account Number : 628-2-08866-3
  • Wire Transfer from International : SWIFT CODE : KASITHBK
  • Paypal : We will send you paypal link to your email account directly.

If you are living in Bangkok area, we can send our team to measure your wall/window and take photo. If you are outside Bangkok area, you can send us photo of your wall/window/furniture and measure it for us.

We will put your selected design into your photo you send, so you can see how will it look like after finish installation. Or if you don’t have photo of actual place, we can do dimension of your size need. So you will be able to see proportion of the design adjustment and your actual size usage also.

Revision can be made if you feel it is too big, too small or it is not right yet. Change design can be made during this process. We just want to make sure that you are happy with it.

After design is approved, we will proceed for production. Balance payment can be processed during this step or before installation or delivery.

We provide free delivery nationwide. For international, we ship it worldwide. Both via air freight for small amount or via sea freight for bulk amount.


From theme ideas to worldwide shipment
Design Service

We have over 30 themes and 4,000 designs available for you to pick and choose. We can adjust its design to fit your require size at no additional service fee. Newly design can be developed and artwork development can be done. Additional service fee will be quoted.

Production Service

We provide print production on several type of interior & exterior decoration such as wallcoverings, indoor & outdoor fabrics, glass film, wall sticker, outdoor wallcoverings, etc. You can bring your own artwork design, we can print it for you !

Installation Service

We provide installation service to local area. For outside Bangkok and other countries, you can use your local installer. Product is required no special installation technique, just same as traditional one. We provide you installation guideline anyway.

Worldwide Shipment Service

We provide shipping via air freight and also sea freight, which is up to your requirement and budget. Shipping cost will be quoted once we know destination and quantity of product you order.


Short story about who we are, what we do and our vision forward

Bodhi Tree Decor is a company providing truly revolutionary solutions for wall, window covering and upholstery fabric. With our design inspirations coming from a global cultural perspective, we aim to help our clients realize interiors which will inspire and enhance their individuality, through exceptional design.

We aspire to set the highest standard in the global home furnishing industry, creating true innovation in design, with quality and satisfaction our guiding star.

It is our goal to attract business partners from around the world, who share our enthusiasm for achieving the most creative solutions, provide unsurpassed excellence for our clients, and in so doing, realize success for all.


Interior Designers, Hotel Owners, Contractors, Project Owners trust Bodhi Tree since 2011

Most Frequent Ask Questions

  • Yes, we have 3 types of delivery service
    1.door-to-door courier : Fedex, TNT, UPS which suit to order less than 100 square meter. Product will be delivered to you directly within 4-7 days. We proceed for export shipment, therefore there will be no local tax 7% to be added on the product cost.
    2.Air cargo, sea freight : It is for bulk order more than 1000 square meter, which is heavy and not in rush. It may take 15-45 days to arrive you.
    3.Product can be shipped together with other stuffs and you have shipping agent to help combine all items you buy in Thailand and send to your home town. We can help co-ordinate with your local agent.

    Delivery cost will be varied by weight and destination. You can send us details of quantity of product you select and also destination. So, we can estimate shipping cost for you.
    Question by: Can you send to my country? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:29:55
  • Yes, we provide free delivery nationwide for soft material printing ( wallpaper, fabric, film) For hard material ( laminate, wood, plaswood, iron, etc), delivery cost can be paid at destination. you can pay directly to logistic company.
    Question by: Free delivery in Thailand? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:34:00
  • 7-10 days production for small order (less than 100 square meter). we start counting production day, just after design is approved.
    Question by: How many days for print production? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:33:17
  • 1.Send us selected design and size requirement. Customer can choose prefer theme from our available collections and let us know the product number. No worry about size and colour, we can recommend whether it is nice for your end usage or not. Each design need to be adjust to fit your wall/window/fabric size you need anyway.
    2.We provide rough estimate, so you can check whether it is within your budget or not.
    3.If it is within your budget, please send us your name, address, Tax ID via email so we can proceed for official quotation.
    4.Customer to proceed for 50% deposit
    5.We adjust selected design to be your size requirement. If you need us to install it, our sales rep will measure actual size at your place.
    6.Customer to approve size and design.
    7.Proceed for balance payment and then production and installation or delivery.
    Question by: How to order? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:32:16
  • Normally, printing for interior decoration will be big size, much bigger than A4 document size. Therefore, it requires high resolution and image from google has not enough resolution to enlarge up to big scale.

    We recommend that
    1.Select from our design collection, you can download e-catalog here
    2.Select from shutterstock.com, mostly each image has high resolution enough for regular wall size enlargement.
    Question by: I have idea and reference image from google, can i print it? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:22:11
  • Price will be varied by material type and quantity to be printed. Special effect for special requirement will be estimated. Generally, price range is 1390 - 3500 baht per square meter. You can send us details for quotation or price estimation.
    Question by: I have my own artwork file, how much for printing cost? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:18:52
  • 3 possible solutions;
    1.Select similar theme design from our design collection, you can download e-catalog here
    2.Select from shutterstock.com, mostly each image has high resolution enough for regular wall size enlargement.
    3.We may help creating artwork file for you, however, we need to know your requirement. Please send your reference and idea, we can evaluate whether we can create new one for you or not. Please send us requirement & reference via email
    Question by: I have only idea, no any artwork file. What should I do? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:24:08
  • You can send details together designer firm who spec for the product, so we can let project sales to connect and support you right away.
    Question by: I have specification material sheet from interior designer, but i don’t have artwork file. How much will it be? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:19:33
  • We recommend you to select theme design first or send us which design do you like and also your room floor plan. We’ve over 8 years experience for feature wall decoration, we know how to make it impact and we can definitely suggest you the impact solution.
    Question by: I like your works, can you help design for us? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:25:04
  • We can install also, but there will be charged of transportation and accommodation fee, it depends on how far it is. However, you can contact local installer to do installation for you. Cost will much cheaper than installer from Bangkok.
    Question by: I live in upcountry, do you provide installation service also on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:28:32
  • 1.Select design first, which design do you feel good and like it.
    2.Evaluate which area that you want to decorate in your room such as, wall, window, glass, sofa, etc.
    3.Select the peak spot that you think it will be highlight of your room. It should be only 1 peak spot per room, unless you have big space of room that can create more than 1 highlight area
    4.Other areas of your room could be tone down with color scheme that match to you peak spot area.
    5.Design element of other areas in the room could be less detail than main peak spot, in order to keep only one highlight area and the rest will support main theme area.
    You can select your selected choices, your idea for peak spot area and also floor plan. We can help suggest for more impactful & relevant to the place.
    Question by: I really like your work, but don’t know how to start? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:26:40
  • Yes, we have sales rep in each area which can visit you and present more for our product & service. Please send us your name, phone number or send us your business card then.
    Question by: I want your sales rep to introduce your product to my company, can i? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:27:37
  • Question by: What is the price of printing? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 23:16:59
  • We could print both soft material and hard material as following
    1.Soft material such as, wallpaper, roller blind fabric, acoustic fabric, curtain, sheer, sun screen fabric, glass film, upholstery, etc
    2.Hard material such as, tile, laminate board, plaswood board, acyclic, wood, iron, stainless, etc. We can print both small size (tile 4x4 inches) and big size ( W 120 x H 240 cm.) Maximum thickness of material could go up to 5 mm.
    Question by: What type of material can we print? on 28 ก.พ. 2019 22:54:55