Outdoor digital printed wallcoverings is the Internationally patented product that makes image look like it's painted directly on the surface, just as a classical "fesco". Since the color penertrated directly into the pores of the surface and it is not change characterirstics of the surfaces on which it is applied. It is suited for any type of walls, ceilings, domes, columns. 


Outdoor digital printed wallcoverings is the simple, fast and clean process, you will need only 1-2 days to finish installation and get new look right away! It is a revolutionary outdoor wall mural for architects, interior designers, artists. 

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Advantages of digital printed outdoor wallcoverings

•  Leverage artist works

Normally, artists spend time week or months to finish a particular wall painting by his own hand. Would it good idea if artist can leverage own design works to be able to duplicate it more and more by using digital technology. So, artist can get more work, more revenue, more time to relax.. Digital outdoor wall covering can be printed the art piece, just exactly the original one. Artist can be just brush up with some color and sign his name on the wall ! 

So, cost of each mural art will be lower since it is about time saving and cost saving and be able to expand the work to mass level. 

•  Time saving for both artist and buyer

Buyer or project owner will be able to have time controllable. It takes 1-2 days for actual installation at site. 

•  Cost saving 

Work is not original hand paint, so its cost will be drop down definitely. So, price could be more affordable to buyer.  

•  Speedy and Widely spread of repetitive cultural art on wall 

For cultural place such as, Thai temple, ancient places that we need to renovate and duplicate the original design and make it looks newer. Digital outdoor wall covering is good solution for quick renovation.  

To promote cultural art through hotel decoration, tourist attraction could be matched to digital outdoor art piece. You have no need to worry about quality and time. Everything can be created and make over within a night or two. 

This technology is also used for renovating old castle, old church in Europe also. 


Limitation of Digital printed outdoor wallcoverings

•  Not be able to print glossy and glister colour

Silver or gold glister color can be brushed up on top of the work by actual artist rather than by digital printed. 

•  Quality for 10 years, not forever like some hand painted

For outdoor usage, it is 5-8 years for color brightness. It will start fade out after 5 years. However, we have overcoating layer to make it stay longer. see below chart. 

For indoor usage, it is 8-10 years. Conor could be fade out by time go by as normal color painted.

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