Our wallpaper is ready made design, customized size to fit your space. It is adjustable design to be the balance with your place. We can make it bigger, smaller, change some color or add some more elements to make it look good. We carry no stock, all products are newly produced for each particular wall in order to make sure that it perfect to your area.

It's not just the wallpaper, it's your personalize wall design.


We provide printing service for your wallpaper design

If you are designer or project owner, who has your own design on hand, we can print it out as wallpaper for you. However, your artwork must be prepared at actual size of your wall. Please kindly contact us for more details.



You deserve not only a unique design, but also the superior quality of 100% green material and production process to ensure your health and safety.

Each material is entitled to serve you with multi-functional qualities; washable, flame retardant, abrasive, non heavy metal materials, not release toxic after installation, over 5-year long lasting color and many more…

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• Produced from FSC paper

• No hazardous air pollution (HAPs)

• European standard quality : EN ISO 2286-2

• Resistant to soap, detergents, alcohol and diluted acids

• Fire Rating Euro Class B

• Low VOCs emitting

• Lightfastness level : 7

• Odorless

• Heavy duty adhesive BNK 10 (manual), BK 23 (industrial), similar PVA subsituted


Variety of paper based to fit your interior function

We offer variety of wallpaper based to fit your usage. All of them are world class quality standard.

• original paper based wallpaper is good for bright & colorful design.

• vinyl paper-backing is economy range, durable usage for general purpose area.

• vinyl fabric-backing is good for high traffic area, durable usage, good for commercial area.

• vinyl non-woven backing is premium range, durable usage for special area.


Wide Width Wallpaper

Our wallpaper is 130 cm. width, it’s much wider than traditional size at 53 cm. Therefore, you will get less connecting line and less waste than traditional one.


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