Custom printed acoustic fabric to impact your interior theme decoration. Sound absorber fabric helps make your room more quiet and peacful. The innovate honey comb surface structure fabric has acoustic properties itself. It can be absorbed upto 85% of sound wave that reach the fabric. Custom printed any design to fit your theme, just require 5 yards as minium order. 



100% polyester with permanently flame retardant fibers (Trevira CS). Fabric width is 155 cm. weight 300 g./m2. 


Sound Absorption Efficiency 

Higest acoustic absorption value upto 0.85, which is higher than insulation material at 0.45 scale only. See details for the test on bleow. 

technical chart test acoustic fabric


How to decoration acoustic fabric?

•  Easy & low installation cost, just require 1-2 cm. space at the back of fabric sheet. No need to spend on insulation. You can wrap the old wall with aluminum frame and get the new look of decoration, yet high function of sound absorption. 
•  It can be use as upholsetry for furniture, sofa, chair, office partition, etc. 
•  It can be decorated on ceiling art decoration, in case you don't have wall or furniture to cover it. 

Good for decoration at 

•  Restaurant, where lots of tile and cement that bring high echo to customers
•  Meeting room, board room
•  Function room, party room in the office, government place, restaurant, etc
•  Ballroom at hotel
•  Lobby, reception area
•  Partition of call center office
•  Office partition
•  Movie theater
•  Play house
•  Home Theater room
•  Bedroom that required extra peacful for better sleep

Minimum Order is 5 yards

Over 4,000 design available for you to pick and choose. Design and size can be adjusted to fit your site scale. You can bring your own artwork design also. Faric width is 155 cm. 


Environmental friendly

Trevira CS fabric is the permanent flame retardnat polyester fiber that you can trust. No glass wool, no asbestos woold, no fmormaldehyde content like trational insulation. The production process generate low carbon footprint, so it is good for environmental or green building also. 


Cost saving for installation and removing after use

No require for insulation, so you can save lots of budget and time to install it. The material is 100% polyester, so you have no worry about special waste mangement like normal insulation you use for sound absoption. Fabric can be recycle in the same way as other typical fabric. 


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