Anti-mold and bacterial wallcovering for your bathroom decoration. Material is special man-made fiber from dupont technology. It is breathable and waterproof. You can custom printed design to make your bathroom look outstanding than ever !


What make our wallcoverings 100% free from mold & mildew?

Bodhi Tree anti-mold and bacterial wallcoverings, has low air permeability. Moisture vapor transmission is much higher, so it allow no humid under the wallcoverings. Therefore, there is no mold occur with this material. 


Technical Qualification

•  Microporous fibre and breathable structure. 
•  Water resistance and chemical resistance. It can be protected from stain and blood or any liquid that hospital need special care on it. 
•  Non-abrasive characteristic. Very low tendency to cause scratches in the presence of small amounts of dirt particles. 
•  Durable with membrane and micro fibre structure provides a tough and strong qualification
•  Environmental friendly with 100% HDPF, so it is easy to dispose of, less carbon footprint, reusable and material content recyclable. 


Good for decoration at 

•  Bathroom (unsoak area), spa, swimming pool and also hospital or clinic where they care about hygenic yet beautifulness. 

•  Wall that split between your bathroom and bedroom, normally, mold & mildew will be accumulated from bathroom wall thru another side of bedroom wall. To solve this mold issue, bathroom wallcovering can be solution. 



Material width 90 cm., it is man-made microporus fiber which breathable and non abrasive. Thickness is 150 g. It is fire retardant qualification, Class A rating. 


Minimum order is just 5 SQM. 

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